Our Story

Starting in the iconic year of 2020 in Toledo, OH, we at Victare Watches are not only the new kids on the block, but we’re also the underdogs; and we’re proud of it. Our core staff has always been as such. Whether it was coming from grinding the van life being in independent touring bands, working as independent music promoters, or trying to build ourselves and artists through independent record labels, we have always had a passion for growth and a passion for conquering something that is larger than ourselves through music. With a fearless leader who has undergone many entrepreneurial ventures, we are here to empower those who are: pushing against all odds, putting in the grind, and doing whatever it takes to live their lives without limits, no matter what you’re looking to achieve in life. With anything, if you want to succeed, you need to believe in yourself and have the upmost confidence that you will achieve your dreams; no matter what obstacles are thrown your way. You are the only person who can control your destiny, and we’re here with you. We’re here to embrace the journey, not the destination. We’re here when you’re ready to take control, and wear your confidence.